What Are the Top 5 Biotin Benefits for Hair

What Are the Top 5 Biotin Benefits for Hair?

Who doesn’t love a head full of thick and bouncy hair? However, this is only a dream for many people who are impacted by genes, work stresses, hormonal changes within the body, deficiencies and other reasons that lead to hair loss. If you are considering supplements to deal with this condition and promote hair growth then you may consider taking Biotin or vitamin B. In this article, we will tell you about Biotin benefits for hair.

Before we get into the different Biotin benefits for hair, let’s first understand what Biotin is.

Biotin or Vitamin B7 is also known as Coenzyme R. It is one of the B-complex vitamins and it can readily dissolve with water to encourage the synthesis of glucose, fatty acids and amino acids like isoleucine and valine.

Vitamin B7 is an excellent source of energy that promotes the healthy function of skin, digestive tract, nerves, metabolism, and cells.

According to a study conducted by the University of California and Ablon Skin Institute Research Center, women with thinning hair experienced hair growth after taking Biotin supplements for a specified period of time.

What are the Biotin benefits for hair?

  1. Vitamins and minerals are essential for hair growth. Biotin, we know, is a water solution Vitamin. If you couple it with other vitamins, it results in a powerful remedy to fight against hair loss. While other vitamins can greatly increase the efficiency of Biotin, B vitamins are known to have the greatest impact.
  2. Biotin improves protein absorption resulting in the strengthening of the hair follicles. When your body is healthy inside out, it will not only prevent hair loss but encourage hair growth too.  This means that you will have healthier hair follicles. Thus, taking Biotin supplements increases protein –absorption which results in boosting the health of your hair follicles.
  3. Taking Biotin in the form of supplements can have a more direct and quicker impact on hair loss. It does not offer overnight results. As a matter of fact, no hair growth product or pill can promise instant results. However, regular intake of Biotin supplements can prevent hair loss and you can expect to see some marked improvement within a month of consumption. Taking supplements can provide better results than using the topical medications.
  4. Healthy skin cells are crucial for hair growth. If you have unhealthy or weak hair follicles this will result in increased hair loss. As the follicles get weaker over time, it results in increased hair loss. Furthermore, it decreases the ability to grow new hair follicles. Biotin is useful in promoting the growth of healthy skin cells and this helps in strengthening the hair follicles.
  5. Biotin also plays an important part in the metabolic function within the body. It functions as a co-enzyme to break down fats, carbohydrates and protein to release energy. When you take Biotin supplements daily, it accelerates your body’s metabolic rate so that the food breaks down faster. Hence, Biotin may also help with weight loss. However, there are no studies to prove whether or not Biotin helps in weight loss.

Which foods are rich in Biotin?

While you can get enough Biotin from your supplements, you need not depend on that alone to increase your daily Biotin intake. You can also eat foods that are rich in Biotin to promote hair growth. Here are some foods that are rich sources of Biotin:


They are loaded with Biotin and other essential nutrients such as vitamin E and protein. It also contains monounsaturated fats that are good for hair, nails and skin. Consuming almonds daily can benefit hair growth by reducing deficiency. However, be careful while you munch on almonds as they also contain a lot of calories!


If you love carrots then we will give you one more reason to enjoy this nutrient rich vegetable. They are loaded with Biotin and also have a high content of beta-carotene. You have probably heard that carrots are good for your eyesight. They are good for your hair, too!

Cold water fish

You can increase your Biotin intake remarkably by including cold water fish in your diet as they are rich in Biotin and vitamin H. Some examples of cold water fish are herring, tuna, sardines, salmon, and trout. Cold water fish also offers several other health benefits because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.


It is loaded with Biotin and other essential nutrients like calcium, manganese, zinc, niacin, copper, iron, and lots of vitamins. It promotes hair growth, neutralizes toxins, and prevents cancer.


Now that you know Biotin benefits for hair and foods that are rich in Biotin, include more of these foods in your daily diet to promote hair growth. As the healing process is conducted from inside out, give it some time (at least 5-6 weeks) to show significant results.

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