Revita Glow Biotin Supplement Review

Revita Glow Biotin Supplement Review

Hair loss is a serious issue faced by nearly 80% of the population. Poor eating habits, lack of nutrition, and environmental stresses are some of the external factors that play a major role in hair loss. If you are feeling stressed and worried about the receding hairline or brittle hair that breaks every time you run your fingers through it, first you need to stop panicking.

You are not alone. Believe me, there are many people with you in the same boat! It’s just that you are not trying the right solution. When switching shampoo and conditioner brands do not yield satisfactory results, it’s time to try something new. Here we will review Revita Glow biotin Supplement, an effective natural remedy for hair growth.

To start with, this is a biotin supplement which means it contains B complex vitamins that are important in promoting the body’s metabolism. According to Dr. Susan Stuart, a certified dermatologist, biotin helps to breakdown fats, proteins and carbohydrates into macronutrients so that they can be readily absorbed by your body.

As we know, our hair is basically made up of protein, especially Keratin. Taking biotin regularly strengthens the keratin infrastructure within your body and this further improves your hair and nails.

You can get biotin from food sources such as egg yolk, organ meats, nuts, soybeans, whole grains, bananas, mushrooms and cauliflower. However, sometimes food alone might not be able to provide the required amount of biotin, thus leading to a deficiency.

The Revita Glow biotin Supplement is an effective hair growth supplement that can treat the deficiency and promote hair growth. It is formulated by Coastal Bay Beauty, a company located in Oahu, Hawaii. They are committed to offering only the best and highest grade beauty products to their customers. Their  products undergo rigorous testing and research to ensure that they are safe to use and deliver expected results.

Please do not expect overnight results because this is a formula that works inside out. It first heals you from within and provides essential nutrients to make up for the deficiencies in your system. It takes some time to show results but you can expect to experience the differences within a month of taking the supplement.


  • It helps in restoring the natural ability of the body to revitalize hair and skin
  • It boosts the size and overall health of hair follicles making them stronger from within
  • It fights dryness and soothes irritated skin
  • It supports body metabolism, helping you to regular blood sugar levels
  • It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • It not only promotes hair growth but also strengthens nails and improves skin


Revita Glow biotin Supplement is an effective hair growth supplement which unlike shampoos and other hair products, works from within. It works by treating the main cause of the problem which could be a vitamin deficiency. It contains biotin which is a ‘beauty’ vitamin. It is known to reduce the signs of hair loss, promote hair growth, and boost hair thickness.

If you take biotin supplements daily, it not only prevents hair loss but also improves the regulation of blood sugar. If you have dry and irritable skin, consuming biotin daily can help strengthen the body’s natural ability to improve skin softness and suppleness.

You must take one capsule daily or as mentioned in the package. Follow the instructions and consume the capsule every day without fail to see results. Pregnant or breastfeeding women must consult a doctor before taking this supplement.

Coastal Bay Beauty stands behind its products. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return the product within that time and get a full refund.

It comes with a friendly and helpful customer support to answer your queries and assist you with your purchase.

This biotin hair supplement is highly affordable. When you compare the price to the results ratio, it offers a good value for your money.


There’s nothing negative to write about the product. However, we wish the money back guarantee period was a bit longer than the 30 days bracket. There are other products in the market that offer 90 days or 60 days money back guarantee.


The Revita Glow biotin Supplement by Coastal Bay Beauty does not make false or farfetched claims. It promises only what the product is capable of doing. It promotes hair growth, strengthens nails and smooths skin. It supports metabolism and increases your level of energy. With a low price tag and a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. It is a risk-free offer that will not do any harm. It can only benefit you! We liked the product and its genuine claims. Go ahead and give it a try!

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