Does Biotin Makes Hair Thicker?

Does Biotin Makes Hair Thicker?

For most people, today, having good looking hair makes them happy and you are no exception to the rule. You might have small sized hair growing on your top and want to get them looking thicker. Maybe the biotin product might be just what you need to boost the thickness of your locks.

What is biotin good for?

Biotin has been known to restore healthy growth to hair where other products have failed. Your body already possesses biotin because of the type of foods you feed on. Foods such as chicken, liver, eggs, cheese, carrots and so on have the vital ingredient in them that makes your hair grows lovely looking.

However, for some reasons such as stress, sickness, and diet as well as other things, your locks may have lost their great looks and need boosting to get them going again. This is where your biotin treatment comes into play.

You can take the drug treatment for a month or so until you start seeing some positive changes happening to your hair. This is because the product is removing badly damaged cells and replacing them with new ones, which are helping the growth of your curls in a significant way.

Can the product make hair thicker?

Your hair can become thin from different factors such as diet, stress, poor health, genetics and bad environmental factors. In addition, if you have a deficiency of vitamin H lacking in your body, you may be prone to suffering hair loss problems.

Biotin has been known to make users hair thicker because of powerful ingredients it possesses. To make your hair become thicker, you need all the vitamins that the product has to offer along with others such as vitamin C and vitamin B3 (Niacin).

Biotin has powerful vitamin H compound that facilitates the growth of your hair. Once the vitamin H system kicks into place, your hair will not only grow healthier but thicker as well.

Biotin is a great supplement for breaking down proteins in your body, thus, giving your hair a better chance at growing healthier and thicker. How the process works is that Vitamin H breaks down the carbs and fats present in your body, while converting amino acids in the protein and turning them into sugar so that your body can get the energy it needs to function properly.

The cortex, which is the thick hair shaft layer on your head, gains its strength and elasticity from a Biotin-rich diet. Without biotin playing an important role in your diet, your hair will lose its health and become damaged as well as thin looking.

How to thicken your hair the natural way

Apart from using supplements such as biotin and others to thicken your hair, you can get great results by practicing natural methods on your own. Thus, the following methods are proven to enhance the human hair.

Having a balanced diet

For your body to thrive in a positive way, you have to be a partaker of a well-balanced diet. The nutrients that form in your body are what give your hair strands the power they need to stay strong and firm looking. Practice to have a proper nutrition going and you will have healthy hair as your reward.

Do things that will increase the circulation of your blood

You can increase blood circulation through a number of different ways. One way to increase your blood circulation is by properly massaging your scalp, also known as scalp stimulation.

You can carry out the stimulation process by placing your fingertips on your head and locating the scalp after which you start rubbing it. You can rub vigorously or mildly, which ever you prefer.

As you carry out the stimulation process, your fingertips will massage and cause blood to flow to your scalp.

If you like, you can use a little oil to massage your scalp with. All you have to do is to dip your finger into the oil and rub it into the scalp and you can do so in small circles if you like. Carrying out scalp treatment is also a great way to rid your hair of dandruff.

Practice keeping a clean scalp

A clean scalp has its various advantages and will make your hair become healthy looking as well as facilitate the growth process. Once you succeed in removing debris and dirt from your scalp, you are on your way to having thick luxurious and flowing hair.

One way by which you can keep your scalp clean is by using scalp treatment shampoos or anti-dandruff shampoos. These shampoos are great at removing anything messy that might be considered a threat to your hair follicles. Thus, you will be giving your locks the healthy beauty sheen they deserve.

Wash your hair regularly

Doing regular hair washing is a sure way to keep your locks looking healthy and beautiful. A dirt-filled hair will cause blocked follicles to develop and may bring about disease to your scalp. Your hair will not thrive in such a negative environment.

Take time out to carefully dry your hair

How you dry your hair after washing it can either cause it to break or strengthen it. If you tend to roll up your hair into a ball and wring it out when you are drying it then chances are it will end up breaking and you can lose some of it in the process.

Instead, gently pat it down with a towel and allow it to air-dry. Using this natural method to dry your hair can give you great results in the end.

Other practical remedies

Other practical remedies you can use to get thicker hair are beaten eggs, olive oil, avocado, Indian gooseberry, castor oil and fenugreek seeds.

By grinding or beating the above items into a fine paste and applying them to your scalp and hair, you are on your way to achieving great hair results. Your hair will look healthy, manageable and beautiful for a long time to come.


Your hair can stay thick after using biotin to give you the healthy locks you have always wanted to have. In no time you will develop full stands of thick hair and your life will never be the same again because you will look beautiful and feel better with your lovely flowing hair for everyone to see.

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