Can Biotin Supplementation Cause Hair Loss

Can Biotin Supplementation Cause Hair Loss?

Biotin is an integral member of the vitamin B complex group. This essential vitamin contains sulfur and is a major component of many food items. It is also readily available as a supplement.

This vitamin has an interesting way of working. The first thing it does is to break down and disintegrate food substances into a useful form of sugar that the body can effectively utilize. Biotin helps to keep the hair and nails healthy and presentable, and it keeps essential organs of the human body in perfect working condition.

At some point, an individual may need to consume biotin supplements. This may become imperative when the body becomes extremely low on this essential vitamin. It is very important to know that the human body does not store biotin, so you need to get enough of it from the food you eat. When a person’s body becomes low on biotin, the person will experience loss of hair, dryness of the skin, and to some extent depression. Taking biotin supplements can thus help to cushion the effects of not having enough vitamin H in your body.

There are so many pharmaceutical companies that engage in the production of biotin supplements. Although biotin supplements are useful for preventing loss of hair and hair breakage, there is no proven record of these capsules causing loss of hair. Biotin deficiency causes hair loss. Biotin supplements do not. Biotin supplements are not harmful, and if properly used, do not produce any adverse side effects. If you take biotin supplements and observe that you are losing hair or your hair is breaking, you should search out other potential causes before discontinuing the biotin supplements. However, if you still have doubts, you may discontinue the use of the supplement and see for yourself.

There are several other medical and physiological causes of hair loss, some of which include a change in hormones (especially during pregnancy and menopause), alopecia areata (a disease that weakens and affects the hair follicles, causing them to shrink), infections of the scalp, biotin deficiency, and also thyroid. Loss of hair could also be genetically related. Some people have a history of baldness in their family or lineage.

Nutritional imbalance can also bring about the loss of hair. We all know that vitamins and minerals are crucial for body and cell development and disease prevention. When you don’t take in as many nutrients as your body demands, the health of your hair may become threatened. Living a very stressful life can also result in loss of hair. The importance of having a good rest cannot be overemphasized. Also, it is only when you rest your body that the circulation of blood can be effective, and we already know that the scalp must receive sufficient blood before hair can grow.

Furthermore, if maintaining the length of your hair is of immense importance to you, you must do all you can to maintain a very high level of cleanliness. Infections such as ringworm can easily cause your hair to fall off or break, and often times, these infections are brought about by unclean or dirty lifestyle. Do your best to avoid infections.


Biotin supplements are useful and not harmful. They do not produce any side effects. They improve the body’s metabolism and they help in building strong nails and healthy skin. These substances are not in any way connected to loss of hair. In fact, most people use biotin to solve their hair loss problems. However, it is very important for you to follow the prescribed dosage or usage instructions as issued by your doctor or physician.

These capsules help to make up for the biotin nutrients that you do not get from your diet. They do not make your hair break or cause hair loss.

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