Biotin Hair Growth Rate

Biotin Hair Growth Rate

Today, there are many supplements on the market geared at making your hair grow faster. However, not all of them do the job that their creators claim they would do. In fact, some hair supplements are actually scam and creators of these products are just out to make money from out of your pocket.

Biotin has been around for quite a while and is making waves on the market because it is a tested and proven hair enhancement product you can trust. Still, not many people are aware of the actual Biotin hair growth rate so they can know how fast their hair will grow in a specific time.

Here is a guide to help you understand its growth speed.

What is biotin?

Biotin, which is also known as Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H for hair, is a health drug that we used to give healthy skin tone, nails, and hair. It works by creating essential enzymes that are advantageous to the development of your health.

These enzymes work to strengthen your nerves, metabolism, cells and digestive system. This body enhancing drug is found in foods such as liver, bananas, soy flour, wheat germ, yeast, cauliflower, salmon, carrots, whole grain cereals, whole wheat bread, nuts, dairy products, Swiss chard, eggs, and chicken.

Can it help in hair growth?

Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H is a great booster for hair growth. It is good at promoting faster and longer growth of your hair. Since your hair already has some keratin protein present in it, biotin adds more to it, thus, making your hair healthier.

Although Biotin is a powerful hair growing agent, results can vary among users. Take, for example, if you do not consistently take the product, you will not get the same level of success those others that regularly use it get. Results can vary, depending on which set of persons take the drug.

Still, using the product does not guarantee overnight success right away. Instead, it can take up to a whole month or more for you to start seeing some positive results.

In addition, you might start seeing results happening in the healthy growth of your eyelashes and nails before you start experiencing hair growth, which is still a good sign that the drug is working.

Biotin also helps to give your hair that great color sheen you have always wanted. This is because the vitamins in the product replenish your follicles and roots. Your hair will look healthier and more manageable.


Biotin adds a number of advantages to your hair that will enhance your looks and bring out your youthful appearance as well. Below are some advantages that the item offers you.

It reduces hair loss

If you are prone to experiencing loss of hair at times, taking a steady dose of Biotin will help reduce your hair loss by providing ample supply of the protein keratin to it. Any brittle, thin and splitting curls on your head will feed on the vitamin B they receive from the hair products.

For some women who are going through pregnancy, their hair tends to become weak and starts falling out. A continuous dosage of the drug will put a stop to any hair loss problems.

It helps to treat your hair disorders

If you are troubled with alopecia, which is a hair deficiency syndrome, after using Biotin for a while to treat your condition, you are good to go. In fact, it is even better when you use the drug along with zinc and topical clobetasol proportionate to combat your hair disorder problem and then you start seeing better results happening.

It will strengthen and grow your hair

If your scalp is dry and flaky, chances are you are presently suffering from hair loss. Using shampoos and conditioners with healthy amounts of Biotin in them will bring strength and growth to your mane.

How much Biotin to take to get your hair growing healthy?

Depending on your age, you should take the right dosage of Biotin to help your hair grow. Still, it is better to always consult your physician if the drug is right for you and the family. Find out from him or her if you will experience any side effects after you start taking the product.

As an adult, your daily dose of the item should be about 30 mcg. If you are an expecting mother, you should still keep to the 30 mcg dosage.

In addition, as a mother still breastfeeding your baby, you can move the dosage up a notch and take around 35 mcg. If in doubt, let your doctor prescribe a suitable dosage for you.


Biotin supplements involve three main types, which are mainly pills, shampoo, and oil. If one type does not work well with your body then try to apply another type and see how well it goes.

  • Pills:

One of the most common types of Biotin supplements that you can take is pills. The product carries several different kinds of pills and all you have to do is just to choose one.

Some of these supplements cover hard and soft gel capsules in liquid forms that you can take just in case you might have a problem swallowing tough tablets.

  • Shampoo:

Today, technology is still booming and many manufacturers create their hair shampoo, conditioner and hair oils with enough Biotin in them to promote healthy hair growth. Most shampoos contain powerful amino acids in them so that after continuous use, hair circulation will improve and damage repair will be carried out as well.

  • Oils:

Another area that Biotin supplements appear is in oil form. How it works is that after you obtained the oil, you need to rub it into your scalp to get the results you require.


Biotin is a great hair treatment that will bring back the life to your locks. Instead of putting up with damage and breaking hair, invest in the supplements and experience as well as enjoy life coming back to your tresses once more.

Your healthy hair will give you a new look while adding beauty to your skin as you finally take your place among the elites in society.

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