Best Organic Biotin Supplement

Best Organic Biotin Supplement Reviews

Biotin is a common supplement taken for many reasons. You may want to improve your skin quality and make it more clear or shiny. You also might have an issue with hair falling out or being taken out when you brush it.

If you are experiencing from a lack of energy, you might be interested in Biotin as well. Lastly, you could be suffering from weak and brittle nails. All of these issues and more can be fixed with a quality intake of Biotin.

Max Absorption Biotin Liquid Drops

With Max Absorption’s Biotin Liquid drops, you get 5000mcg with each serving. This will aid your hair in looking fuller and thicker. It does a great job of increasing your nail strength as well as improving skin tone and texture.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, no worries, as this product is vegan and vegetarian-friendly! Since this Biotin is in liquid form, it is considered safer than others on the market that are in pill form. It allows for you to absorb it much faster and reap the benefits much faster.

With no artificial preservatives, Max Absorption specialize in offering liquid vitamins and supplements. They offer a staggering statistics stating only 10-20% of pill or capsule supplements are absorbed by the body compared to liquid being absorbed 95% of the time.


  • 5000mcg serving of Biotin
  • Helps your hair appear fuller and thicker
  • Increases nail strength
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Vegan and vegetarian ingredients with no gluten, soy, sugar, or milk
  • The liquid solution to Max Absorptions’ product provides a safer manner of Biotin intake.
  • This method is also faster and allows for you to get more Biotin with every serving.


  • The taste is very strong and might make you gag
  • Tastes a lot like vanilla extract
  • Has a sweet taste due to the stevia added

Neocell Laboratories Biotin Bursts

Neocell offers a soy and gluten-free biotin snack. It contains no artificial flavors and has 10,000 MCG in each serving. These gourmet biotin soft chews add a special take on consuming Biotin. It is highly potent and helps improve your skin, hair, and nails. The taste is wonderful and eating them is as easy as anything else. The price is great for the amount of Biotin you get.


  • Soy, gluten, and palm oil free
  • Delicious and chewable snack treats
  • Unique way to intake Biotin compared to other methods
  • 10,000 MCG with each serving.


  • Neocell’s Biotin Bursts have a lot of sugar per serving for a vitamin supplement

YungGlo Research Maximum Potency Biotin

One of the few Biotin providers on the market that provide high potent Biotin, YungGlo Research has developed a Biotin capsule that gives you 5000 MCG. It also has a mixture of coconut oil for the added benefit of improving your hair.

It is completely vegetarian and gluten-free. It does not contain any GMO’s, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. There are many different Biotin products on the market, and YungGlo recognizes this. As such, they aim to provide the most premium grade biotin you can buy.


  • YungGlo uses a higher potency than other Biotin supplements on the market
  • One capsule gives you 5000 MCG with an added ingredient of coconut oil
  • Fully vegetarian safe and gluten-free
  • Contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients


  • This Biotin does not do well for nail strength

Which is the Best Organic Biotin Supplement?

Choosing which Biotin supplement that is best for you can be a difficult challenge. There are so many different products available on the market today that advertise having the best Biotin. Let’s go ahead and talk about the differences in our products today.

Since Max Absorption and Neocell are in forms that are not natural on the market. We can compare those two first. With Max Absorption, you have a company that focuses highly on liquid based products. They claim and offer a Biotin solution that your body absorbs fast due to it being in liquid form. On the other hand, you have Neocell which offers their Biotin in food form.

It is a delicious and unique way to digest a vitamin. The two are similar in that they are both vegan and vegetarian-friendly. When it comes to Biotin intake though, Neocell doubles what Max Absorption offers. You can get 10,000 mcg worth of Biotin from Neocell while you can only get 5000 mcg from Max Absorption.

When discussing these two options, taste is very important. Since the vitamin is not in a pill form, you can expect to have to accept the taste of the product before taking it on a regular basis. That is why Max Absorption falls below Neocell. Max Absorption is known to be too sweet and might make you gag when taking it. For this reason, it can be hard to choose Max Absoprtions product over Neocells.

Moving on, let’s compare Neocell’s Biotion Chews to YungGlo Maximum Potency Biotin. One thing that sticks out with YungGlo’s product is the fact that they are offering a high-quality potent dose of Biotin. This should mean the benefits of the product itself are much better.

However, it is combined with coconut oil which could reduce the effects as well. Neocell still offers a much higher Biotin intake with their product. YungGlo also has been known to not do well for nail strength. So, if you are looking for Biotin for its multiple benefits in helping improve nail and hair growth and strengthening, you might want to steer clear of YungGlo.

In the end, both YungGlo and Neocell offer a great Biotin supplement. When choosing between the two, you will likely want to go with preference. The old-fashioned capsules that YungGlo offer are a traditional form to go with.

Taking Neocell’s treats may be easier for you though. This, of course, is only true if you like the taste of the treats. If not, you will definitely want to stay with a capsule formed supplement.

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